Are your batteries empty? XuendR helps you recharging them. Together we initiate and sustain positive life choices.

Our philosophy

XuendR stands for a healthy philosophy of life – life full of energy, joy and awareness, that embraces emotion, seeks laughter and activates the senses. XuendR’s goal is nothing short of enriching the soul.

Experience the feeling of our individualized fitness programs for body, mind and soul. We target corporate well-being, reduce stress factors and balance energy resources. We identify routines for a better workplace.

Let us bring motivation, inspiration, and self-awareness to your company!

Vision & Mission

XuendR is a companion for sustainably adjusting your lifestyle to a XuendR (healthier) version of you – full of energy, creativity and a thirst for life. The XuendR method initiates and sustains positive life choices, and facilitates this process of change.

Our unique combination of in-person interaction, physiological assessment technology and behavioral analysis-based reward programs re-enforces improved habits and keeps you focused and motivated.

Lifestyle Assessment

Interested in visualizing your stress and recovery levels?

Why us?

Individual Support

We ensure maximum benefit for the participant, by tailoring our service specifically to each company and each individual.

Latest Technology

We use the latest technology tools – collected from our visits at international health gadgets trade shows – to make the invisible visible.

Experienced Experts

We work with the most knowledgeable and experienced experts in body awareness, nutrition, sleep and stress reduction.

Holistic Approach

We consider all aspects of a person’s life and understand the relationship of work, leisure, recovery and much more.

Sustainable Effect

We offer support at the beginning, continued incentives to keep going strong, and steadily accompany the entire procession towards becoming healthier and more vibrant.

Healthy Pleasures

We enable the (re)discovery of the pleasures of movement and a healthy mode of living. We bring diversity into work routines and improve work environments and motivation.