Imagine that you wake up in the morning and need a quick energizer. With healthy dating you can instantly meet a skilled talent who works with you to achieve just this. It can be an inspiring functional strength session or a refreshing biofeedback lesson. Or you meet a show cooking talent for new ideas on what to prepare for lunch today. Or you want to learn what a daily immune booster can do for you. There are almost no limits as long as there is a health-related aspect in it. By default, all healthy dates are Zoom meetings (15 minutes duration at a fixed fee of €10 per participant). By the way, the correct pronunciation of XuendR is k’syn:dəʳ. In German, this means healthier.

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  • All dates are Zoom meetings
  • Meeting duration is 15 minutes
  • Price per participant is €10
  • Minimum of 2 participants