Coca-Cola likes the XuendR method


To balance the energy resources of its staff, CCB Management Services GmbH (a subsidiary of Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company) and XuendR have joined forces and are now implementing a holistic, individualized fitness program. Coca-Cola employees have been invited to rate the success of the joint endeavor, and the result of the survey was overwhelmingly positive.

Please rate how satisfied you were with the Coca-Cola Health Day

Very satisfied90.48%
It was OK4.76%
I did not like it0%

What were the activities you liked best?

Big 5 movements with James20.34%
Yoga with Jasmin18.64%
Health Lecture with James20.34%
Coffee Cup workout with Christophe15.25%
Hip Mobility with Matthias13.56%
ErgoRide with Mario11.86%

Did you feel that one or more sessions were personally useful for you?

Most sessions77.27%
1 or 2 22.73%
Only 10%
None were useful for me0%

How did you like the food?

I liked it81.82%
It was OK18.18%
I did not like it0%

Please share any comment you may have regarding the event

It was a great event, which gave us a lot of insights into the real meaning of balance in life.
Would be nice to organise regular sessions with Yoga or big movements with James.
I liked the event very much and if possible, I would be totally in for some regular sessions. The lectures were also very informative and generally, lecturer were funny and on point. For future reference, it would maybe make sense to officially announce the program or that the comfortable clothes would be needed as this was not officially recommended and I saw some colleagues struggling with some exercises due to clothes as well as lecturers had to modify their program accordingly.
Heads-up on the outfit would be helpful. Follow-up e.g. arranging weekly classes with a trainer sponsored by the employees would be appreciated.
Regular workout sessions in the office (e.g. Pilates, stretching or balance exercises) would be appreciated.
Minor element is that personally I didnt appreciate some of the messages from James in Health lecture, but that is minor aspect of the overall program. Some of his firm statements were a bit too rigid for my opinion. Excellent program, excellent day, really enjoyed and would repeat it the same way next time! Please lets mobilize and organize some joint exercise sessions ... 🙂
Nice event, should have been done in sports dress. Some exercises can be done during the day in future - very useful.
I could only participate in Yoga with James, due to other obligations.
Unfortunately I was not able to attend the whole event due to unplanned meeting, but I participated in the "Hip Mobility", the "ErgoRide" and watched the Yoga session for a while. We could change in future the breakfast again like what we did last year.
Great idea - was a fantastic event. Obviously in a very busy business period.


Contact us ( and find out more about the unique XuendR method. Ask your company to organize a Health Day with XuendR. Enjoy the taste of an enlightening program for body mind and soul – just like Coca-Cola.

Written by Dr. Helmut Brunar
XuendR’s Founder and CEO
… and a visionary health enthusiast