Introducing Chats by XuendR

Chats by XuendR – interacting with a human counterpoint

XuendR’s proprietary workplace program is designed to make energy flow, increase engagement, and, ultimately, generate enthusiasm and spirit.

Chats by XuendR are short, one human to one human conversations, that aim to set you up for mindfulness and awareness. Most importantly, Chats by XuendR integrate the continuous contact with a human counterpoint. These are our talents, experts and the XuendR team, who lead you through a harmonious transition to a healthier and more energetic state.

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One of the many ways we support your journey is over our chat feature. As you begin and continue integrating new XuendR choices into your daily or weekly routine, you can exchange these experiences with XuendR staff. These text chats will cover subjects from sleep quality & duration or dream phases in the morning to your subjective stress levels and step count throughout the day in the evening.

The idea behind Chats by XuendR is to strengthen the perception of physical or mental changes as well as to offer a way to share these experiences. This link to the XuendR community offers the benefit of a host of pooled experiences and knowledge.

At XuendR we are eager to share our personal experience, our insights in mental strength and our vision of life as a joyful and wonderful gift.

*Disclaimer: Chats by XuendR are confidential & personal and are not intended to diagnose, cure or offer medical advice.