XuendR cooperates with Mediclass

XuendR proudly announces its cooperation with Mediclass!

Vienna, November 21, 2018. XuendR GmbH and Mediclass Gesundheitsclub GmbH have entered into a service collaboration. Mediclass’ health center in Vienna’s 2nd district was opened in 2011. Private physicians, all of them brilliant in their field, are working at health insurance fund tariffs. Most part of of the costs is covered by a membership fee. Make an appointment and immediately have your turn – all Mediclass members pay the same monthly fee. Mediclass even takes care of the submission of reimbursement for your social insurance.

The XuendR method rests on a triad support structure with the human interface being the most important element. Human beings help human beings. XuendR’s certified talents, X-Talents, engage with hands-on training sessions, and our experts give talks on an expansive range of topics that concern daily life – such as nutrition, mobility, stress reduction & sleep. The XuendR method re-enforces improved habits and brings motivation, inspiration and self-awareness to your company.

With Mediclass’ private physicians and therapists, XuendR now expands its pool of talents. Get a premium health check at a Mediclass physician or therapist of your choice: on-time and no waiting. At the price of public health insurance tariffs, you can enjoy benefits which are normally exclusively reserved for Mediclass subscribers. Just bring a “Test us!” voucher to your Mediclass appointment and mention that you heard about Mediclass from XuendR.

With healthy greetings,

Dr. Helmut Brunar
Chief XuendR Maker