XuendR’s very personal workplace program


XuendR’s proprietary workplace energy program is designed to make energy flow, increase engagement, and, ultimately, generate enthusiasm and spirit. Our program can sometimes include a laughter seminar or just asking a person in the morning if he or she had a good night’s sleep.

This is the first in a series of blogs introducing the XuendR method:


An introduction to XuendR is provided during an initial Health Day on site. XuendR briefly presents its team, its mindset as well as some organizational and administrative aspects. The duration of the Health Day is usually two to four hours. The invitation to the Health Day is extended to management and staff. Credit points are rewarded for participation.

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In order to become familiar with individual goals and emotions, as well as with challenges and obstacles, trained XuendR staff will conduct one-to-one interviews with employees. The interviews follow a standardized procedure. The scientific background of the procedure has been established by XuendR together with occupational psychologists. Credit points are rewarded for taking time for a 15-minute interview.

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Sensors from XuendR’s partner Firstbeat, Finland, are provided to employees. Upon thorough explanation of the underlying principle (i.e. heart rate variability), and handling instructions, employees can either start a measurement immediately or take the sensor home and start a measurement later. A full measurement cycle takes three days and nights. Credit points are rewarded for carrying out the test.

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